Emergency Exit Lights

Your Emergency Lights and Exit Signs are one of the most important links to a safe escape from a building during an emergency, so it makes good sense to have a regular systematic inspection performed by trained service professionals. We have the expertise and training to assure that your emergency lighting units will work when they are needed most.

Your emergency lighting equipment is designed to provide illumination during power outages. Exit signs will also illuminate the paths of egress during an outage or fire emergency.

Per local, state and federal regulations, all emergency lighting systems must be routinely maintained to ensure they operate properly when required. Exit signs and emergency lighting are the vital lifelines in crisis situations. Schools, office buildings, hotels hospitals, apartment buildings and virtually every other type of building rely on emergency lighting to protect occupants. Exit Lights point the way to allow for safe exit in emergency situations.

Your emergency egress lighting system is made up of many parts. These include; rechargeable batteries, a means to charge the battery, one or more lamps to provide illumination and a relay device to energize the lamps automatically when the power fails. The battery is sized to provide for emergency power for an illumination period of 1 ½ hours.

What We Do 

  • Annual as well as monthly inspections apply to all Emergency Lighting devices.
  • Monthly Inspection: Test integrity of lights and batteries through the test button for 30 seconds, check for physical damage, align the beams and tighten if necessary, check AC lamps and change them as applicable.
  • Annual Inspection: Full simulation of 90 minute test; disconnect AC power supply to each unit, place the batteries under load test to check battery life, check for battery corrosion or damage, clean the unit and lens as required, adjust the beams for proper placement, troubleshoot and repair as needed.


After the unit passes inspection, a validation sticker is placed on unit to signify that it has passed and that the record keeping is up to date with OSHA, NFPA, and the LIFE SAFETY CODE. We also include a paper copy of these test and repairs for your records.